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How to clean and maintain your Vape Mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and DIY' started by eamonlee, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. eamonlee

    eamonlee Thread Starter New Member

    Mar 11, 2020
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    How to clean and maintain your Vape Mod
    1, Start by removing the top cap of your Vape Mod

    2, Unscrew RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) and take it off.

    3,Many Vape Mods are different, you might have to take out your battery in a different way than shown.

    At the bottom of the tube, unscrew the firing pin.

    Take the battery out of the Vape Mod.

    4,Inspect all of the parts that will need to be cleaned:

    The firing pin

    The RDA threading

    The bottom of the inside of the tube

    5,Clean the Firing pin by dipping a paper towel into hot water.

    Carefully rotate the hot towel around the middle area, rubbing the grime away.

    6,Get a new paper towel wet with the hot water.

    Clean the RDA threading by rotating the wet paper towel back and forth across it.

    7,Get a new paper towel wet with the hot water.

    Twist it until it can easily fit inside of the tube.

    Use your finger or another long tool to rotate the paper towel along the sides and the bottom of the tube.

    8,Put your Vape Mod back together by doing steps 1 - 2 in reverse. (Leave the mouthpiece of the top cap off).

    Careful, firing your Vape Mod produces heat and can make the device HOT!

    Fire your Vape Mod. If the coils are heating up, it has been fixed!

    If your Vape Mod is still not firing, consider getting a new build.
  2. Okaa

    Okaa Active Member

    Mar 7, 2020
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    Pretty good. Really people should do this quite often even if there is no issue present. Batteries can break down and pop.

    Also when you disassemble look for little dark spots on the on the pin or contacts as this can mean there was some arcing and you may have a more serious issue.

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