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WISMEC Theorem RTA Atomizer Kit...Sold out

Discussion in 'Big By-Pass's Atomizers, Cartomizers and Tanks' started by Big by-pass, Jun 23, 2016.

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    Mar 6, 2014
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    Theorem Atomizer

    Designed by Jaybo
    Inspired by SMM
    Brand-new NotchCoilTM with Cotton
    Top E-liquid Filling & Airflow Control
    Optional Atomizer Tube & Airflow Control Ring

    Product Introduction
    Theorem Atomizer, Designed by JayBo, Inspired by SMM, is Wismec’s first Drip Tank Hybrid featuring the new and exciting Stainless Steel NotchCoil. This Atomizer is the first to utilize an Open Wicking System, a combined Top Airflow Juice Plug and a Solid Leakproof Sleeve Design. Removing the glass sleeve from the deck exposes the build area making it completely accessible and easy to install both cotton and coils. Removing the Top Airflow Cap simultaneously exposes the fill port, allowing the user to easily refill the Atomizer without altering their airflow settings.


    Diameter: 22mm
    Length: 46.25mm

    Main Features
    Stainless Steel Material & Detachable Structure: The Theorem Atomizer is made of stainless steel, and all the components are
    convenient to detach and clean. Theorem-Atomizer_05.png

    Optional Atomizer Tube: In addition to the transparent glass tube which presents all inner components and e-liquid level clearly,
    the optional steel tube will bring you a different visual enjoyment.

    Innovative Top Liquid Filling: Removing the Integrated Top Airflow Cap and Juice Plug simultaneously exposes the fill port, allowing
    the user to easily refill the tank without alerting their previous airflow settings.

    Convenient Airflow Control: By rotating the airflow control ring clockwise or anticlockwise, you can adjust the airflow and enjoy
    wonderful vapor. Moreover, the optional airflow control ring will bring you different vaping experiences.

    Brand-new NotchCoilTM with Cotton: Apart from the equipped NotchCoilTM with Cotton, the users can also rebuild the coils
    to their preference and enjoy the fun of DIY.

    Standard Configuration:
    1*Theorem Atomizer
    2*Airflow Control Rings (single and dual)
    1*Stainless Lined Glass Sleeve
    1*Glass Sleeve
    2*NotchCoilTM with Cotton
    3*Silicon Orings (Cyan)
    1*Hex Key 1.25mm Drive (0.05in)
    1*User Manual

    Price 1350THB.
    Notch coil 30THB.
    EMS 60THB.

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